• Health & Safety

    Fabulous Faces only ever use hypo-allergenic face paints and cosmetic glitters. The brands used are ;

    • Grimas
    • Tag
    • Diamond FX

    These are made to strict cosmetic standards and adverse reactions are rare however, with any cosmetics then some children and adults may be sensitive to some or all of the ingredients. Please do let our painters know if your child has not been painted before and a patch test will be given for safety reasons. Fabulous Faces cannot be held responsible for any such adverse reactions. 

    Fabulous Faces also follow a strict hygiene practice using a clean sponge for every child with all brushes and sponges being washed and sanitized before each party.

    To remove any face paint then warm water and soap is recommended . Some traces of face paint may still remain depending on the colour and length of time worn but will eventually fade. Please DO NOT use baby wipes to remove as some brands contain alcohol and may sting. This could also bring on a rash and often people will think that they or their child has had a reaction or are allergic to the paint. This is not the case!

    Unfortunately, as careful as we are, we cannot accept any responsibility for the transfer of paint onto any clothing or furnishing. Guidance is given during the painting for children to keep their chin up and any tears or water spillage onto the face after may result in running paint which we cannot be held responsible for. Clothing that has come into contact with face paint should be soaked for a few hours before a normal wash commences.

    Balloon modellers supply Qualatex balloons to the public which are of the highest quality. After the balloons have been distributed it is the sole responsibility of the parent/guardian or carer to disregard of any burst balloons which may cause hazard. 

    Fabulous Faces holds full public liability insurance and are fully disclosure/CRB checked.